“As a result of Anvil’s actions, threatening an artist for only doing his job, until Anvil apologizes to Adam David and the cause of Filipino literature, I hereby disavow my support of and sever any recognized ties I have with Anvil.”

“I make this announcement to dissociate myself with a publisher — as I would with any publisher — who takes the weapon against the art for which it is supposed to be an advocate.”

Read the text in entirety here.

The comments section contains Tabios’s “How Not To Respond To Conceptual Poetry.” A few highlights:

“5) avoid wielding whatever economic, political and/or social advantage you have over the individual poet to silence said poet
6) have more imagination, especially if you call yourself a writer or reader or literary advocate, to respond by presenting your views of the work through another means than a legal paper that synchronistically is a condition precedent to filing a lawsuit
7) don’t be surprised that others will check your response to the work itself, rather than your response to the (possibly flawed) personality of the ConPo practitioner”