Wrote exam one (methods) on theories of aesthetic autonomy vis-à-vis postcolonial literary politics (no. of pages: 25 / no. of theorists: 5 [T. Adorno, J. Rancière, P. Casanova, R. Schwarz, E. Said, C. Dworkin] / no. of hours allotted to write exam: 72 / no. of hours spent worrying about/writing exam: 60).

Blanked out during workweek, braced self for coming weekend and second exam.

Wrote exam two (literature) on relevance of “avant-garde” as aesthetic category to study of poetries from historical avant-gardes to present (no. of pages: 28 / no. of theorists: 3 [P. Burger, M. Calinescu, H. Foster] / no. of poets: 3 [G. Stein, R. Zurita, T. Hak Kyung Cha] / no. of hours allotted to write exam: 72 / no. of hours spent worrying about/writing exam: 57).

Received package from J. Wertz (signed book! signed art!) from A. as reward for enduring written exams.

Passed written exams, celebrated good news over beers in coffee shop, spent weekend expressing more happiness at MoCCA Arts Fest (highlights: panel of A. Spiegelman and J. Swaarte / postcard box + favorite postcard signed by A. Tomine / well-loved book inscribed by M. Fayolle [who drew girl holding string attached to bird] / sighting of comic book artist crush D. Shaw [who signed new comic for A.]).

Blanked out during workweek, braced self for Friday and oral exam.

Took orals (no. of hours: 2 / no. of questions: a lot / no. of examiners/committee members: 4 [E. Keenaghan, P. Joris, P. Stasi, M.J. Ponce] / topics: aesthetics, transnationalism, postcolonialism, cosmopolitanism, culture, diaspora, the avant-garde, language politics, etc.).

Passed exams with distinction (!), happiness+++.

Drove to Amherst with friends to celebrate ABD, visited tombstone and home of E. Dickinson, partook of goods from (very timely) marijuana festival.

Wrapped up teaching in Albany, cleaned office, shipped books, packed up life.

Watched two and a half seasons of Veronica Mars.

Pang of fear over diss., hopped on bus to Boston.

Stayed with friend, spent three days in Harvard, rummaged through J.G. Villa papers for J.G. Villa diss. chapter (highlights: drafts of central poem in diss. chapter / snide letter from J.G.V. to J. Laughlin / lovelorn notebook entry / lists of beautiful/ugly words).

Back in Albany, first round of goodbyes over beers/smores/bonfire, second round of goodbyes over beers and despite noise from trivia night / third round of goodbyes in city, over buffet in K-town, fourth round of goodbyes atop West Village apartment.

Flew home, moved back in with A. and cat, found lovely fourth-floor apartment with view of buildings and crummy rooftops, moved into lovely apartment with A. and cat.