Before anything else, two poems in The Offending Adam.

I’m back in Manila for the summer and am supposed to use my time productively by putting together and sticking to a reading schedule for my qualifying exams. Realistically speaking (according to my pre-flight-to-Manila self), this means ten theory books and then some (out of the hundred plus on my list) over the period of two months, and then a couple of weeks devoted to writing the prospectus, which I have to turn in first thing when I fly back to Albany. A month into the break and so far, I’ve read, hmm, bits of three books, and by bits, I mean a chapter here and there, and by read, I mean sort of/somewhat/slightly absorbed… I might remember an idea or two after scanning the parts I underlined. I’m not reading strategically (i.e., for the prospectus)–I’m mostly flitting about and picking up whichever book seems mildly compatible with my mood and the heat and the vibe of the hour in the afternoon. This disarray is clearly the result of not having gotten around to drafting a reading schedule, the thought of which just makes me want to, well, do something else.

The good news is, I was just in Palawan, where I passed time eating seafood and drinking cerveza, reading Vogue, and talking Adam’s ear off.


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Meanwhile, other people have been leading far more productive lives: case in point one and case in point two.

I had to pause from writing this to entertain our landlady, an eighty-seven-year-old woman whose version of saying hi takes a minimum of thirty minutes and often involves a mini-lecture on the woes of living on the brink of death and the perks of life as a single woman. Today’s topics: living at home with hired help vs. moving into a home for the aged, what money can buy, why marriage is not a good idea, why living in is the way to go, why it is important to be on/stay on the pill. Now that’s a woman with a plan.