We are looking towards publishing books by young, unpublished authors with brave, new, and vibrant works we are both befuddled by and believe in.

The guidelines:

• The book should be about an investigation: implicit, explicit, inner or outer, about any and all – a family member’s suicide, flood control protocols, a detective novel, history of the evolution of the logo of a multinational company, etc etc – as long as something is being detected, uncovered, found, as long as the investigation is refracted through art’s lens;
• The book should fit 48 pages, all in, from 9”x9” to 6”x6” to 4”x4”, counting the front and back matters, i.e., title page, copyright page, dedication, acknowledgements, endnotes, etc etc;
• The book need not be pure prose or pure poetry: any multimedia and extraliterary form is welcome, as long as it can be fitted and printed within the 48 pages.

The terms:

• Three books will be chosen to be published for release at the upcoming BLTX XMAS event, and another three in June;
• Ten copies of each book to be printed, each copy to be sold at P300;
• All earnings from the first ten copies straight to the authors;
• All three available for pre-order, 50% of earnings beyond production cost going straight to the authors (that’s potentially P12.50+/- per book);
• Print rights remain with the authors, this deal merely for this project only, so if ever the authors decide to pull out, they can easily pull out, no strings attached.

Send any and all submissions in whatever language, in whatever appropriate format – PDF, RTF, DOC, JPG, GIF – and also questions, et al, to ybb.books@gmail.com. Selected manuscripts will be prepared for publication by the Youth & Beauty Brigade in full consultation with the authors. The deadline for the initial entries is 20th of October, 2012.

The Youth & Beauty Brigade is still off-the-books, still utterly shoestring, still the extremely young and incredibly beautiful book design-and-publishing outfit still operating within and around the immediate Cubao area. There are many of us in spirit, but it is run primarily by Adam David and Conchitina Cruz.

Previous titles published by the Youth & Beauty Brigade include The El Bimbo Variations by Adam David, Travel: a documentary Volume 1 2001-2011 by Adam David, A catalogue of clothes for sale from the closet of Christine Abella–perpetual student, ukay fan, and compulsive traveler by Delilah Aguilar, Chingbee Cruz, and Adam David, and The Kobayashi Maru of Love by Carljoe Javier.