Things that fall out of books. A receipt for a book on walking. A receipt from a convenience store. A receipt from a bed and breakfast in Rome. A receipt for pills. A list of words to look up in the dictionary. A grocery list. A list of titles and call numbers. A to-do list, 5/12. A to-do list, 12/13. Boarding passes to Palawan. Bus tickets to Lecco. Bus tickets (Cavite?). A restaurant flyer–50% off all-meat platters in July!!!! A postcard from a colleague last seen eight years ago. Bookmarks. An impressively ornate doily. ID pictures. A Metrocard. An invitation to a children’s party. A note from a bored seatmate in chemistry class. A note from an infatuated roommate: he’s sitting next to R. A note to self, in all caps: SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! Dried leaves. Dead ants. Dirt. Tickets to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Directions to a high school friend’s house in Makati. An expired credit card. A button. A toothpick. Money.