Took a walk with J to enjoy the fair weather before lunch with S, a friend I last saw a couple of lifetimes ago, a.k.a. college. J also wanted to put the fancy camera she owned to good use. While she snapped away I looked around and meandered here and there. On my way to the bridge, a designated romantic spot, I was privy to a minor commotion–of the romantic kind, of course–involving a couple in a boat on the lake and a trio of young women on the bridge. A proposal had apparently taken place in the boat, and the young women on the bridge, who were strangers to the couple, happened to witness the event and even took pictures of it. The excited women yelled their congratulations and offered to email the groom-to-be the photos of the successful proposal, if he could just please row the boat close enough to the bridge and give them his email address. The man rowed, the young women squealed, the passersby watched, and the bride-to-be talked on her cell phone.

my old point-and-shoot can't go wrong on a day like this

props for a proposal

a crazy-happy dog

the requisite candid shot

photographing the photographer

off to lunch!