For people who manage better with worded directions rather than maps, here’s how to get to Ilyong’s Kalantiaw St, Project 4, Cubao:

By jeep, from Ali Mall Cubao

Go to P. Tuazon side of Ali Mall. Take the Proj. 4 Kalantiaw jeep. (Do NOT take the Proj. 4 20th Ave jeep. Dapat Proj. 4 Kalantiaw.) Jeep goes down P. Tuazon then turns right on Kalantiaw. Look to your left. When you see Dannylicious, you’re almost there. Ilyong’s is a few houses down. Red and white sign.

By car/cab, from Katipunan

Take the flyover. Turn right on P. Tuazon. Turn left on Kalantiaw, which is across Hotel P. Tuazon and right before Daily/McDonald’s. (If you go past Daily/McDonald’s lampas ka na.) Look to your left. Dannylicious. Ilyong’s. Red and white sign.

If you are a map reader, here you go:

Bukas na! Kitakits!