BLTX 2, March 2 & 3, 2012: Details, List of Participants and Speakers

Better Living Through Xeroxography or BLTX is a small-press expo now on its second incarnation, the first one a success by indie standards: 30 small press publishers and 200 buyers on a rainy December day in 2010.

The goal of BLTX is simple. Bring together independent self-publishers from Metro Manila (hopefully from elsewhere, too), in a one-night event that will allow them to sell their wares: books, yes, but also zines and other printed materials like shirts, postcards, posters. It’s about selling, but also about meeting like-minded individuals who believe in literature and creative work that might not ever get into the mainstream of commercial bookstores and galleries, but for one night is the star of the show.

You can also just imagine BLTX to be the coolest meet-and-greet between writers and readers, one that involves beer, some music, and plenty of creativity you rarely see.

BLTX 2 Participants-Updated list:

Black Pen
The Cabinet
Elisa Claustro
Gelo Suarez
High Chair
Ivan Reverente
Kubori Kikiam
Omeng Estanislao
Paper Monster Press
Patrick Rawwrr
QBCCC (The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium)
Rob Cham
Silent Sanctum Manga
Tapat Journal
Tilde Acuña
UP Music Circle
UP Writers Club
Willing Ox
Youth and Beauty Brigade
Zigzag Animals
Zoraya Lorena Lua

This year BLTX will also be space for productive discussions on the making | marketing | selling of the self-published book, where practical aspects of actual independent book production will be shared by those who have survived it with sanity intact. BLTX Talks will happen the day after the BLTX small-press expo, a full six hours of four different panels that will answer central questions about PRINT PUBLISHING, ONLINE / WEB PUBLISHING, RETAIL & DISTRIBUTION, and COMMUNITY. All necessarily in light of the industry of independent self-publishing, and all against the traditional forms of cultural production as we know it in these shores.

BLTX Talks Speakers:

Mabi David and Oliver Ortega (High Chair)
Mike David (Kubori Kikiam)
Edgar Samar (Tapat Journal)

Honey de Peralta (Flipside Publishing Services)
Oliver Ortega (hal.)

Jasper Ong (
Feliz Perez (Mt. Cloud)
Chez Santander (Sputnik)
Tweet Sering (Astigirl)

Ime Morales (Freelance Writers of the Philippines)
Josel Nicolas (The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium or QBCCC)
Christian Tablazon (The Cabinet)
Kenneth Yu (Philippine Genre Stories)

BLTX, small-press expo is on March 2 2012, Friday, at Ilyong’s on Kalantiaw, Project 4, Cubao! 8PM onwards!

BLTX Talks in on March 3 2012, Saturday, at Chef’s Bistro at 94 Sct Gandia cor. Tomas Morato! 2PM to 8PM!

BLTX is the brainchild of Adam David.

Check out the BLTX FB Event Page for updated lists of participating small-press and indie publishers and BLTX Talks speakers! See you at BLTX and BLTX Talks!

*Independent life is good for you is from here.