What: Better Living Through Xeroxography 2
When: March 2, evening
Where: Ilyong’s Kalantiaw St., Project 4 Cubao

I am occasionally annoyed by the fact that I live nowhere near the Philippines, and while I generally manage not to dwell on my videoke-cerveza-negra-and-sunshine-deprived situation, I am ridiculously disappointed that I won’t get to attend BLTX 2 a.k.a. “a small press expo”–a step-and-a-half up from “a very small small press expo,” which was its description last year (things are looking up!). You can read a short piece I wrote on last year’s BLTX here. If you are interested in books and comics and anthologies and zines by young and sort-of-young Filipino authors; if you are wondering what Philippine writing not published by mainstream presses and not carried by NBS looks like; if you are in the mood for free beer and videoke (who isn’t?), then see you (so to speak, in my case) on March 2!

If you are in any way involved in Do-It-Yourself publishing efforts, you might want to join BLTX this year. All you need to do is get in touch with BLTX pasimuno Adam David at juncruznaligas@gmail.com.

I’m hell bent on joining BLTX this year not only by way of the poetry press High Chair but via two (I think! Pero kung masyadong mahirap, baka isa lang) new little book projects in collaboration with Adam David.

From the please-indulge-me department: bagong buhay, bagong pigeonhole kapitbahay. And yes, the Davis is Lydia. Ganyang excuse ang kelangang katapat ng di pagpunta sa BLTX!