Walked five hours today. Took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. All the dogs were out walking too–bug-eyed and leashed and sweatered and shivering small ones–none of the more lovable, heftier breeds. By the fountain there were lusty lip locks left and right: apparently, standing beside a fountain triggers such behavior. At the playground there were kids dangling from monkey bars. Sat beside a statue of a man reading one of his tales to a statue of a duck. Developed a momentary interest in the various makes and mechanisms of child strollers. Got up, walked on, and many blocks later entered a building where, twelve floors up, saw a tiny exhibit–bold-colored drawings of domestic interiors/exteriors, a tray adorned with cherub heads, an elaborate bird cage, etc. Kept walking and made stops at a toy store, a bookstore, and finally, a coffee shop. Morning coffee at 5 pm.

Nothing to get hung about

Irreverent birds

Spindly legs

Holding hands with Hans (Christian Andersen)


Balloon-bearing tree