If you are unsure where you are, check the time. Depending on your time zone you may find it relatively easy to get here, or not worth the trip. There isn’t much to say at this point, except it is no trouble at all to synchronize our watches.

If you are in a windy place, it’s a good sign. This is where winds go when they want to un-wind themselves. All you need to do is follow the dry leaves skittering down the road. Sometimes the leaves take off like kites, but don’t worry, there is no hue of sky the leaves can disappear into. When they are finally at rest on the ground, look up. It would be best to see a monument, but a ruin is not far off the mark.

If you are going by car, you need to know that the motel at the crossroads is not a reliable source of directions. The receptionist will most probably tell you to drive down the road until you see a hardware store, not the one with a poster of a naked girl on its door, but the one with a scrawny dog that doesn’t stop barking. Turn right, make a quick left, and drive for another thirty minutes or so. These directions will take you elsewhere. In truth, when you see the motel, you are very close.

If you are standing by a window, do you see sheets of corrugated iron? Do you hear an old lady singing show tunes and the gentle pouring of water into potted plants? Do you smell fried fish?

If you are in need of refreshments along the way, there is a market next to the church and very close to the bus station. I am personally drawn to the stalls that sell all kinds of plastic. You can never have too many pails and pitchers.

If a pang of loneliness settles in your gut, you should spend time at the neighborhood bar where people sing for free. To break into song while waiting for the flood to subside is a pastime in these parts. If people are shy, the television is switched on to the news, and who wants that?

If you are scraping your shoes on a rug, I bet I can hear you. Anticipation is almost as good as the actual, or maybe it’s the other way around. Why quibble over the inconsequential? I am putting on my shoes. I am unlocking the door.