In which I document the goings on in the vicinity of my window as a way to amuse myself while plodding through a truckload of readings and trying to write

Date: 3 September 2011
Time: 1:26 pm
Condition of resident tree: dry and dehydrated, possibly caused by summer heat of past few days. leaves: dull green, if not brittle and brown. see photo of tree from two weeks ago for comparison.
Road action: none. car parked directly across window.
Sill inventory: (L-R) wooden cat. framed photo of parents as undergrads. photo of beach at Torrijos, Marinduque. Minggoy as sausage cat in special case. wooden box with lacquered lid and seahorse mother-of-pearl inlay. daft punk be@rbrick. Malandrino cactus pup. Alamat ng Panget figure.
Feelings triggered by window: happiness. nostalgia. anxiety. lethargy.