is here.

A few words from the introduction:

The decision to affix the term new to this anthology derives from the conviction that there are enough surprising behaviors in language present in recent Philippine writing in English to merit a shorthand evaluation that is nothing less than a brazen pronouncement. New, in this case, is meant to careen beyond literal description, although it performs this practical function: the authors in this anthology are young in their writing lives, having published only one book, if at all, and quite a number of the contributors count this publication as their first. This common feature, while pertinent, is not the impetus for the anthology—the most youth does is promise imaginative energy, not assure it, and to host a friendly inventory of potential among those whose early stages of literary production coincide seems simply superfluous, if not vapidly premature, the new reduced to disclaimer rather than declaration. In calling itself new, this anthology holds itself responsible for the literary spectrum it constructs and asserts its position within. It directly engages art’s unwavering fixation with originality—or its more pragmatic twin, reinvention—amid conditions that more and more aggressively eliminate their possibility. It situates itself in conversation with various traditions and whatever its existence renders old, mindful of the fluctuating degrees to which these are inscribed within the works that succeed them. It presumes a pitch peculiar enough to withstand, even temper, the cacophony of existing literature, and consequently, compelling enough to command attention.

To read the rest of the introduction and the contents of the journal, download here. The omnibus will be up next week.

Congratulations to the contributors! And much love to the editors for the six months of (happy) toil and trouble.