After a month or so spent in a writing frenzy, hammering out the introduction to an anthology of new writing (hopefully available for downloading next week, fingers and toes and whatever else crossed), the introduction to a gorgeous first book of poetry (hopefully out by the middle of this year), and a slew of recommendation letters, alongside full-time teaching, thesis advising on overdrive (so close to the finish line!), and multiple jobs on the side, it’s quite a relief to wake up and not have to shock myself into full working consciousness with a quick shower, a quicker cup of coffee, and a mad dash out the door into the day’s loveless commute. Today will be spent puttering about the house and making plans—I will sweep, scrub, sort, and start a list of things to do in the coming weeks, things I forego when there’s simply too much to do and the only way to survive is to make like a horse, put my blinders on, and run, run, run. Of course this is the aberrant moment of quiet that soon enough has to collapse into non-existence when end-of-term demands come crashing through. But I must say it’s quite nice to sit around and plot which papers and exams to check on what dates, when to bring the cat to the vet, to make that long overdue visit to the dentist, and to get my passport renewed, and where I might ship myself off to this summer.