Vincenz Serrano, The Collapse of What Separates Us (High Chair, 2010)

In The Collapse of What Separates Us, language is all cleft and chasm, all fissure and fault. A page splits in half, a poem breaks into two, and a line splinters into parts in writing that strives to restore and romance the ideal of union despite the reality of its irretrievable loss. There is talk of you and I here, there is talk of us in the city, but above all, there is talk of talk, and as “we move towards each other and corrode into closeness,” the linguistic act becomes both obstacle and palliative to fusion. Vincenz Serrano’s poetry persistently merges rather than fragments; he is a poet whose perils lie not in the violence of ripping apart but in the viability of piecing together. In Collapse, coherence is possible and pined for, and the collision of utterances, while prone to yielding disfigurement, does little to diminish the yearning.

Vince Serrano is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. You can read his poetry here and here. He maintains a blog called Short Walks here.

The Collapse of What Separates Us will be available on December 3, 7 pm, at the Better Living Through Xeroxography small/independent press book fair at Ilyong’s, Project 4, Cubao. More on the book fair soon!