Because the cat has taken it upon himself to externalize my stress when it is at its most exaggerated, he spent a good part of last week battling bouts of vomiting and diarrhea culminating in a two-night stay with the vet, where I had to deposit him in between rackets due to my inability to watch over him, being myself overworked and needing to be at least two places at one time (and this doesn’t even include home to clean up after the ailing cat) and reeling from the unexpected demise of my laptop, thus the stress, thus the externalizing cat. And so it goes.

Fortunately, the mess that was last week is over—the deadlines met, the papers checked, the new macbook acquired, the cat back to his usual sedate and sleepy self. I have also recently purchased, on recommendation of the vet, a delightful tool that goes by the name FURminator, a miracle brush that proclaims it can eliminate 90% of fur shed by such furry machines as my constant companion. And it works! The cat is fluffy and well groomed and pleased with the brushing sessions, the house much cleaner.

In other news, the cat is turning ten at the end of the month, coinciding (somewhat) with the end of the semester. I’m not one to throw parties, but I think he and I deserve to celebrate.

cat and companion, stress-free