Trigger: most probably sunlight, aggravated by reckless driving (cab #1), pine-scented air freshener (cab # 2), and varieties of sweat (LRT)

Duration: a day and a half

Pills popped: 3

Losses: a day and a half’s worth of work (about to be retrieved through reworking schedule and pulling all-nighter), a significant chunk of poise due to uncontrollable sleepiness in public place during onset of migraine (already retrieved, thanks to good-natured friends who’ve found other things to make fun of), a good night’s sleep (irretrievable, aggravated by dream of three rabid dogs)

Pain-induced statements of intent: must start migraine notebook (check), must avoid allure of pot of coffee, must stop recent addiction to instant noodles, must do inventory of collections: dolls (kokeshi 8, matryoshka 5), teapots (3), snuff boxes (5), must account for folk art/country craft possessions despite profession of love for bauhaus design, must throw out broken lamp, must sort out junk kept in storage, must cultivate detachment to furniture, must give away books, must give away possessions, must set lands (so to speak) in order