For I will consider my cat Minggoy.

For he is indifferent to The Month of Unjustifiable Joy now become Month of Incessant Melancholy.

For his shiny green eyes are untarnished by Time.

For he endures the heat in his sweater of fur.

For this he does in ten variants.

For first he sleeps on the wet bathroom floor.

For secondly he naps in the damp cabinet under the sink.

For thirdly he dips his paw in a cold glass of water.

For fourthly he rubs his wet paw against his nose.

For fifthly he dozes in the shade of the couch.

For sixthly he slumbers in the airy dirty kitchen.

For seventhly he lugs his hefty body up the nearest open window.

For eighthly he watches the birds nesting on the neighbor’s roof with much interest.

For ninthly he is taut as an acrobat in his sleep.

For tenthly he drinks from the faucet and lets water dribble on his head.

For as he endures the heat he considers his life.

For he knows no other cat and feels no loss.

For he sheds fur on everything in sight and feels no remorse.

For his eyes glaze over with pleasure when scratching the designated post.

For he has gone twenty-four hours without sleep once, during a long-haul flight.

For he has run away once, and three days later, made his way back.

For his solitude is occasionally disrupted by female chatter.

For his solitude is occasionally disrupted by embraces he customarily ignores.

For his solitude is occasionally disrupted by company he occasionally tolerates.

For he purrs when told he’s a good Cat.

For he protects his damsel by investigating the odd sounds coming from the kitchen.

For he defends his mistress by leaping after flying cockroaches.

For he breaks lizards in two and chases after the agitated tails.

For he swats and swallows flies.

For he stalks the bathroom drain, hoping for worms.

For he is a creature of habit and will rest on the same puddles of sun.

For he is a creature of politeness and will ask to be let out to use his litterbox.

For he is a creature of impatience and will fling mugs on the floor if not fed on time.

For he is a creature of detachment and will not respond when called.

For he is a Cat of few words.

For there is nothing greater than his infinite calmness.

For there is nothing swifter than his agile body during random bouts of exercise.

For he is alert and skilled in patient observation.

For he can sit properly by his empty bowl and make a dignified request.

For he clambers and crawls, leaps and lunges.

For he is discreet in his movements and can keep still like a Thing.