Transcript of Jose Garcia Villa, UP student in the 1920s
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Fast Facts

1. JGV graduated on March 22, 1927–exactly 83 years ago today.
2. JGV’s best grades for his Associate in Arts were in Composition (English 1), Advanced Algebra and Spherical Trigonometry (Math 7), and Elementary Botany (Botany 1). He got a 1 (a.k.a. uno, a.k.a. EXCELLENT) in all courses.
3. JGV was a consistent pasang-awa in Inorganic Chemistry, getting 3s (a.k.a. tres, a.k.a. PASS) in General and Inorganic Chemistry (Chem 23) and Qualitative Inorganic Analysis (Chem 27). He fared better in Organic Chem, getting a 2 (a.k.a. dos, a.k.a. GOOD) in Chem 26. He was pasang-awa to the max in Physics, with a grade of 3+ in Physics 2 a.k.a. General Physics. (Hmm, unless 3+ means a-high-3-almost-2.75?)
4. JGV did not have to take P.E. (Bakit kaya?)
5. In classic college-kid-in-crisis fashion, JGV a.k.a. new-graduate-of-artsy-course entered med school.
6. JGV was absolutely unhappy in med school, dropping out on July 18, 1927, barely into his first semester at the College of Medicine.
7. In classic college-kid-in-crisis fashion, JGV a.k.a. med school dropout took classes back in the College of Liberal Arts, taking dandy courses like Elementary Drawing, Elementary Decorative Painting 1, and Drawing from Antique Statuary I.
8. In classic college-kid-in-crisis fashion, JGV a.k.a. art student dropped the artsy classes and entered the College of Law, where he got weird, alanganin grades like a 1.6 in Persons and Family Relations and a 1.82 in Obligations.
9. JGV was suspended in the first semester of his second year at the College of Law. The note on the last page of his transcript reads: “The Executive Committee of the University Council at its 251st meeting held on June 21, 1929, suspended this student from the University for a period of one academic year effective immediately. He was found guilty of having been convicted in the Court of First Instance of Manila for violating Act 277 in publishing in the Philippines Herald on June 9, 1929 an obscene and indecent poem entitled “Man-Songs”.

Transcript of Jose Garcia Villa, UP student in the 1920s
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