It just hit me that The Curious Couch is exactly a year old today. And since I find myself more rapidly degenerating into Forgetful Jones these days, it seems serendipitous that I thought to check today, of all days–just a few minutes ago, in fact–when exactly I put up my first entry in this blog. To stumble upon the date on this most appropriate day seems to call for commemoration, however clunky and senti.

I am, unfortunately, a bit of a technophobe, and I tend to overthink things, which makes for slow, painful writing and general speechlessness at times when it matters most to speak, and I have a bloated sense of private space (or maybe a narrow sense of community) which translates to an exaggerated resistance to platforms that “connect people.” The mindset being, if I need to talk to you, then I would and should see you fairly regularly, where ideas of seeing and being in touch are, to my mind, pretty much literal–and also clearly dated, and maybe not even that, but simply myopic.

That said, thank you, CC, for helping me loosen up. Better late than never.