“For no one can deny that Penelope is a master of sleep. She goes to bed dozens of times in the course of the story, has lots of sleep shed on her by gods, experiences an array of telling and efficacious dreams and evolves her own theory of how to read them. Moreover, Homer shows us as early as Book 4 that sleep is the deepest contract she shares with her husband. Miles apart, years apart, consciously and unconsciously, they turn the key of each other… Sleep works for Penelope. She knows how to use it, enjoy it, theorize it and even to parody it, should need arise.”

“From a certain point on, there is no more turning back. That is the point that must be reached.”

“The decisive moment of human development is continually at hand. This is why those movements of revolutionary thought that declare everything preceding to be an irrelevance are correct—because as yet nothing has happened.”


“Lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for that sleepy feeling…”


“If anybody is sleepy ,

let him go to sleep”

Sabi nga ng graffiti sa Maginhawa:

Caca Loca.