First Day

Salutation. Identification of location, time, and view. Description of bus ride and itinerary. Complaint about the weather. Quibble about the inappropriately cosmopolitan feel of structure from which view is observed. Commentary about architecture leading to remembrances of trips past leading to assessment of current company leading to desire for alcohol and sleep. Alcohol granted, funny detail about alcohol acquisition and current company. Acknowledgment of space constraints, expression of high hopes for coming days, subtle longing for absent company, explicit words of love. Yours—


Last Day

Salutation. Identification of departure time. Reference to image. Disappointment over failure to note down title and artist as well as failure to take photographs. Mention of running joke throughout stay, haha. Recollection of quotable quotes from current company and newly learned Latin words, promise to elaborate upon arrival. Acknowledgment of poor handwriting leading to pun leading to reference to film involving pine trees and ’80s actors. Beginnings of funny anecdote… promise to elaborate upon arrival. Admission of pointlessness of sending postcard bound to be overtaken by its sender. Exclamation used to convey recognition of foolish act. Yours—